Urgent Care

If you are experiencing an urgent need for care due to a traumatic injury, please go to the Emergency Department of the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Orthopaedic surgeons from our clinic are on call at the hospital for emergency orthopaedic needs.

About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Nanaimo Orthopaedic Centre was established in 2019. Our mission is to provide quality care to our orthopaedic patients. We serve patients who are referred to us from Family and Nurse Practitioner’s and other specialists in the Nanaimo and surrounding areas. 

Our team is comprised of five orthopaedic surgeons and a physician with a specialist in musculoskeletal (MSK) care. Our physicians are each supported by a highly skilled team of medical office assistants (MOAs).

We support orthopaedic patients across the continuum of care from the receipt of a patient referral, to consultation, to treatment including surgery, and to post surgical follow up.

Our team of medical practitioners are experts in the treatment of orthopaedic issues injuries including; hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, feet, and ankles. 

At our clinic, patients are seen for both surgical consultation, and non-surgical needs. The clinic is affiliated with the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, where surgical procedures are performed.

Our Mission


Our team works together through a pooled referral and waitlist system. The goal of this system is for our entire medical team to share the collective demand for our services, to provide the right level of care to our patients as expeditiously as possible, and ultimately to reduce our patient wait times to consultation.


To provide leadership, innovation in research and excellence and support advancement in skills, knowledge, and research in orthopaedic care.

Comprehensive Care

To provide orthopaedic services that treat a wide range of orthopaedic disorders, including; shoulder pain and problems, knee paint and problems, ligament problems to the knee, elbow pain and problems, foot pain and problems, hip pain and problems, hip fractures, torn meniscus, treatment for arthritis, lateral and medial 2 picondylitis, and soft-tissue injuries. 

Quality & Service Excellence

We are driven to provide you with quality services and continuously strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of our professional duties, service, performance and we promote lifelong learning.

Our Values


We provide expert, quality care, holding ourselves to the highest standard of excellence in patient care. 


We are leaders in the treatment of Orthopaedic disorders.  We want to foster better care and improve the quality of lives of our patients.   We strive to pursue advancing our skills, increasing our knowledge, and innovation in orthopaedic care.

Patients First

The needs of our patients are given the highest consideration. Patient needs are at the core of everything we do and the decisions we make.