Urgent Care

If you are experiencing an urgent need for care due to a traumatic injury, please go to the Emergency Department of the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Orthopaedic surgeons from our clinic are on call at the hospital for emergency orthopaedic needs.

Our Referral Form

We have standardized our referral form which will enable our clinical team to quickly triage your patient and direct them to the most appropriate provider for care. Our standardized referral form is available for physicians and specialists to access in the following EMRs:

• Profile / Intrahealth
• MedAccess / Telus
• Osler / Telus
• Wolf / Telus
• Accuro
• Oscar

If you do not have our standard referral form available in your EMR and it is one of the EMR’s listed above, please contact your EMR vendor directly - they will be able to install our Referral Form for you. Until such time as our referral form is available in your system, you may access an electronic version here (link to the fillable form on the website), download a PDF version here( link to editable PDF) or from the Pathways Website at https://pathwaysbc.ca/login.

Nanaimo Orthopaedics aims to see patients in a timely fashion. We are pleased to announce our Central Intake and Pooled Referral Process. This initiative is supported by the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) (link provided) with the purpose of improving access to specialist care.

With a pooled referral model, your patient has an option to be queued to the “first available specialist” within our group who is appropriately suited to treat the referring complaint and has the shortest wait time to patient consultation. We encourage your new patients to be referred to the first available specialist at Nanaimo Orthopaedics.

We are confident that quality improvements being implemented will reduce patient wait times to consultation and appreciate your efforts to support our new central intake and pooled referral process.

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Referral Fax: 250-591-2641

Patient Information

Referring Physician


Spine: Please refer to Neurosurgery

Hands: Please refer to Plastic Surgery

Body part




Reason for Referral

Medical & Surgical History

URGENT REFERRALS – Acute injury, infection or tumour, please discuss with orthopaedic surgeon on call at NRGH 1-250-755-7691

Treatment History

X-ray Requirements

X-rays of affected area are mandatory for triage of ADULT patients. X-rays within 12 months or after acute injury are required to triage. Please note MRI cannot be used in place of x-ray.

We will contact the patient directly for an appointment

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